Screenshots : 9th May 2015

  •  A Somali refugee’s struggle to see his family after having been accepted into the UNHCR’s resettlement program to Sweden. What might be initially construed as an opportunity, has morphed into extreme anxiety and depression:

From Ben Rawlence's article on The Guardian

  • Quartz’s Annalisa Merelli discusses Slavoj Žižek’s assertion that using so-called politically correct language can sometimes aid to racism than it does by eliminating it:

From Melleti's article on Quartz

  • Professor Noah Feldman argues on Bloomberg View, the moral problem with organizing a Prophet Muhammad cartoon contest:

From Noah Feldman's article on Bloomberg View

  • I remember when i was in college, the first time i learned about the theory of comparative advantage during those ever-so-confusing economics classes. Regardless of how counter intuitive it is, it made sense…in collective dollar terms. But in this day and age where the word income inequality is talked about more often than not, it is imperative to understand the importance of trade deals and their relationship with income inequality. I believe Noah Smith said it best when he said:

From Noah Smith's article on Bloomberg View

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